Who are we?

We are Diversity Missions Agency (DMA), a Christian agency commissioned to elevate the spiritual lives of Christians by filling the globe with the unadulterated Word of God as the waters cover the sea. 

Our mandate:

We have a mandate to lift up JESUS as the only true God. This mandate ushers DMA into the task of uprooting subtle errors in the ancient Christian doctrine which prevents JESUS from being seen as God Almighty.


What we do?

We speed up the spread of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST our Almighty God globally by airing seasoned and unadulterated messages on various radio stations. 

Our message briefs and mind-boggling articles are also available in our Ghanaian local news papers.

DMA is the sole publisher and distributor of Divine Keys daily devotional to students both in the tertiary and secondary institutions for free every month. 
Churches are not left out of our distributions, as we provide, The Church of Pentecost, The Presbyterian Church and other Charismatic churches with our spirit-filled monthly devotional.

We also organize conferences, seminars, summits, crusades and Bible schools for the purpose of edifying the Body of Christ and making sure that none, with his hands in the plough looks back.

Bubiashie, Accra