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This book is a 'must read' for every believer. You will encounter some shocking and powerful truths in it, which will make you desire a fresh coal of fire upon your lips.

The Holy Spirit is indeed removing the seals on the Word of God and satan is being thrown out of business! 

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The efficacy of right words cannot be over emphasized. The Word of God in Job 6:25 says "How forcible are right words, but what doth your arguing reprove?"  You may have a very good case to argue in court, but wrongly selected words could put you in jail. Our saviour and advocate (Jesus Christ) is interested in the words we use.  He says "Every idle word that a man shall speak, he shall give account of it..." (Matt 12:36).     Of course, to err is human,, hence the Lord calls us to come and learn meekness of him, if we must have rest for our souls.

As we strive for perfection in this human body, it is important we meekly revisit, review and if necessary correct errors in our choices of words. The sound of a word is not as important as its meaning. The Word Bible for instance is not found in the scriptures, but its meaning - a collection of books, is found in there. Can we say the same of the word TRINITY?

Dr. Frederick France, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit at work in him, has put together some profound revelations on this subject that you cannot afford to put aside.

Is it DIVERSITY or TRINITY? It's a 'must read'!





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    Brethren, let's pray that the Body of Christ be interested in The Word only and not in philosophies of men (Col 2:8-9). For Romans 3:4 says "...Let God be true but every ma...

    Is my prayer that the lord Jesus Christ will guide his children and make them more vigilant for them to live a good life,

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 DIVINE KEYS READERS SUMMIT IV. It's another day for 'Divine Keys' family worldwide to converge and celebrate the goodness of this impactful devotional in the body of Christ @ Success Chapel.

 DMA   Reading 'Divine Keys' a day drives the devil away!

We are a Christian missions agency, divinely commissioned to speed up the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ globally, through the holding of conferences, seminars, summits, crusades, Bible schools and Christian literature promotions.

We are the co-publishers and distributors of the Divine Keys daily devotional, with  Frederick France Ministries International.


Dr. Frederick France is the presiding pastor of 'Success Chapel, Accra Ghana. He is also the CEO & President of Diversity Mission Agency. He is the author of the monthly published non-denominational devotional guide "DIVINE KEYS". He is a gifted teacher of the gospel. He is also the chancellor of Kingdom Force Bible Institute (KIFBI). He is married to Pastor (Mrs) Luna France and they are blessed with wonderful children.



Kingdom Force Bible Institute (KIFBI) calling all believers; especially Divine Keys Readers, for the September Special Bible School, starting on the 9th of September 2013 at Success Chapel, Accra Ghana. It is free! Admission is in progress. Rush and get your admission form now! Call +233208111227.

Divine Keys Readers' Summit Chapter 3 was a huge success! A wide spectrum of pastors and ministers of the gospel, as well as delegates from various churches, institutions, establishments, universities and senior high schools etc. were present to grace the occasion.

The Diversity Choir was highly inspirational! The whole summit ground was charged! It was simply awesome!


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Hallelujah! Here we are finally in the last month of this wonderful year. Beloved I feel like singing praises to JESUS! The ‘sustainer’ and preserver of our lives (Ps 3:5):

We give you all the glory; we give you honour; we give you all the glory; we give you honour.

Yes! We give all glory to Jesus for what He keeps doing in our lives through ‘Divine Keys’. Every month’s edition comes loaded with keys of the kingdom of heaven to frustrate the gates of hell!  Scriptures are constantly being fulfilled in our lives through ‘Divine Keys’. What a great joy to be a part of this wonder-working devotional.  We cannot celebrate Jesus enough for commissioning the ministry of ‘Divine Keys’.

Testimonies of what this daily devotional is doing in the lives of believers all over the globe where it is found keep flooding our offices. To say the hand of our God is mightily upon ‘Divine Keys’ is an understatement. ‘Divine Keys’ is the mouth-piece of our God!  We praise Jesus for it! 

Beloved, we cannot but dedicate this month’s edition to all our partners (club 633 members - Matt 6:33)


 who keep sowing financial seeds relentlessly into the production of ‘Divine Keys’ to ensure its constant supply to those who cannot afford it.  We pray that our good Lord crowns this year for you with mouth-gaping breakthroughs and cause your path to drop divine fatness, In Jesus Name!    We also want to use this edition to wish you, our reader, a very Merry  Christmas!  We see heaven releasing packages of divine goodies into your life through this edition in Jesus Name!